About Strömholm Advokatbyrå

Strömholm Advokatbyrå was founded in the autumn of 2012 by Katarina Strömholm, attorney-at-law. Katarina has worked with intellectual property law and marketing law at business law firms for more than 20 years – until the summer of 2012 as attorney-at-law and partner at Advokatfirman Lindahl (previously RydinCarlsten) and then at Strömholm Advokatbyrå.

Strömholm Advokatbyrå provides specialized legal advice in the fields of intellectual property law and marketing law and mainly addresses companies and others who in their line of business create or invest in intellectual assets and who wish to make sure that the assets are protected and used in the best way.


Due to experience and solid expertise Strömholm Advokatbyrå is able to quickly and efficiently identify the client´s problems and to present solutions to issues concerning possibilities of IPR protection, the strength of existing IPR, the definition of infringements and illegal copying, the boundaries between legal and illegal marketing, licensing, acquisitions and sale of intellectual property assets etc.

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