Specialized legal advice

Strömholm Advokatbyrå offers specialized legal advice within the following fields

The advice we offer comprises all questions which may arise with regard to the creation, maintenance, defence and commercialization of intellectual property rights. We also handle the questions which the client faces when confronted with – and possibly limited by – someone else´s intellectual property rights.

Strömholm Advokatbyrå also provides review and analysis of marketing/advertisements – both the client´s and competitors´ marketing.

Examples of issues regarding which we may provide legal advice:

Evaluation of possibilities of IPR protection – IPR Strategy – read more

Evaluation of validity – Infringement analysis –read more

Review and analysis of advertisement/marketing – read more

Dispute resolution – Out-of-court – Litigation – read more

Acquisition – IP Due Diligence – Contractual arrangements – read more

License agreements –Distribution agreements – Co-operation agreements etc – read more

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